This is Limu Radio

Limu Radio (lee:mu rah:de:oh) is the online student radio station of the LAB University of Applied Sciences. It is one of the only all-year-round college radio stations in Finland, with live and pre-recorded shows by students and other interested and passionate community members wanting to make experimental radio. If its genres your looking for, Limu Radio is best described as a freeform streaming radio with music from house to hip hop, from jazz to cheesy soul, from punk to pounding hard rock.

Limu Radio was founded in 2013 with the aim to offer alternatives for mainstream media and chances to learn a whole bunch of skills and stuff needed while on it.

We’re constantly looking for new talent, so if you have the slightest interest in joining, just give us a holler at or via our Facebook page.

You can get credits for doing Limu Radio, but if its not credits you’re after, there are other perks as well: a concrete boost for your CV as well the fantastic collection of good people – and nearly drinkable coffee at our studio.